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One of my hobby is beatboxing. You guys want to know why am I interested with this beatboxing thingy? It is because I really loves to sing but I am not really good with it haha so, I have discovered new way to express my feelings towards music by beatboxing.

Nowadays, most of us use social medias to interact with people and we also can use it in other ways such as for me learning beatbox through Vines, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram. One of the most popular viner is Marcus Perez . In Asian, Shawn lee is holding the 1st ranking in beatbox in Asia and the 4th in the world.

Okay let me tell you guys a bit about beatbox. It can be divided into two categories which is amatuer and Professional.

For amatuer beatbox beat is :

kick drum, high-hat, k-snare, pf-snare, cymbal, rimshot, synth, and crab scratch.

For professional beat is :

bongo, tongue bass, lip bass, throat bass, siren, robot voice, zipper and sega sound.

If you guys want to learn more you can watch this VIDEO on Youtube 🙂


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