Triple One

Assalamualaikum, so the title for this post is about my course which I am currently studying in UiTM Lendu. People always asks me about this course, what I learn and I am pretty tired to explain to them to be honest, haha. So I am gonna explain a bit  about this course here from what i have been through until this 3rd semester and for the upcoming semester which is 5 semester if total it up. We usually needspecs in high graphic type for laptop.

MC111 is the code for Diploma in New Media Communication and Contentpreneurship. I guess this is the longest name for course in UiTM, haha.  Alright so basically MC111 has 3 main branches which leads to mastering in web content, animation and gaming. Usually we will be having a few paper for final exams 🙂

Semester 1

For this semester, we learned the basics of animation and web content. For animation, the software that I used back then was Adobe Flash, I learn the basics such as tracing, bone tool and lip sync. I would like to show some of my works but I can’t because I formatted my laptop because of some damn virus (please save your works in D instead of C). For web content, we learn about the ‘content’ that we should or should not puton the website because even you have a great design on the website but with shitty content, then it will be useless right? We also learn the Public Speaking subject, this subject leads to built our talents to speak before the public confidently.We also learn a bit about entrepreneurship since it is stated in the course name, haha. Last but not least we also learn about New Media and one of the assignment was song mashup and i got the task to make a Gamelan song mashup and its pretty hard though 😦

Semester 2

In this semester, we did not learn anything about animation or web content but we learn about game making and we use the software named Construct 2. Some games that we actually learned how to make are games like flappy bird and super Mario . Other than that, we also learn about graphic design which we could use this knowledge in designing anything such as posters, cd covers, and design a new product packaging by using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign. Next, we also have photocomm as our subject, for sure this subject will thought us about how to take a good pictures and then there’s narrative writing where we learn how to write scripts for writing stories.

Semester 3

Well, I’m currently in semester 3 and already in the middle of the semester as I’m writing this, haha. Alright for semester 1 and 2, we didn’t have all those 3 main branches but for this semester, there are all 3! It’s kinda stress and for sure a lot of final group projects for presentation in the final week. We use FPS software for gaming which is stands for First Person Shooter game such as counter strike (I’m sure that you guys know this game)  and for animation we use Maya Autodesk to make 3D animation instead of make 2D animation that we learned in Semester 1 (It’s pretty hard but you will master when you are good with the shortcut in the software) . For web content, we have to make our own blog and a website for an event that we are working on. In this semester also have marketing subject where we learn about business again but this time only a bit different than what we did back in semester 1.

Semester 4

I’m not really sure what we will get through for this semester since I haven’t entered it yet. As I know, we will be doing website again but this time from the very basic of creating a website and play with coding. In this semester, our subjects are theories and for sure will have a lot of final exams paper. Some of the subjects are translation, critical thinking, media psychology and many more, I hope everything will be fine in this semester :)\

Semester 5

Last but not least is semester 5 and in there we will be doing our practical training!🙂


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