Triple One

Assalamualaikum, so the title for this post is about my course which I am currently studying in UiTM Lendu. People always asks me about this course, what I learn and I am pretty tired to explain to them to be honest, haha. So I am gonna explain a bit  about this course here from what i have been … Continue reading Triple One



source: google   One of my hobby is beatboxing. You guys want to know why am I interested with this beatboxing thingy? It is because I really loves to sing but I am not really good with it haha so, I have discovered new way to express my feelings towards music by beatboxing. Nowadays, most … Continue reading Interest


So, i'm pretty sure that you guys want to know where i went for this post right? So, straight to the point, I went to Mecca and Medina to perform my Umrah last 30th May until 12th June. This Umrah was not unplanned because my mother suddenly booked for my whole family, 4 person including my mother.The real … Continue reading Travel